How to root Samsung Galaxy and Note, all Android versions

How to root Samsung Galaxy and Note all Android versions

How to root Samsung Galaxy any gold Note, after writing many tutorial on how rooter all brands with or without pc Androidphones, I only return to this tutorial for you show how rooter all the Samsung phone model.

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the root of your Samsung lets you do amazing things, but before getting to that a Smartphone rooter equal guarantee to cancel. the different model of functional for this tutorial are the following:

SAMSUNG GALAXY S: S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8, S9,. 

Samsung Galaxy c9 pro

SAMSUNG GALAXY notes: Note1, Note2, Note3, Note4, Note5, Note6, Note7, Note8, Note9
Brief brands the most known.

GT I9500, I9505G, I9506, I9507, I9508, I9515, I9515L, I9300, I9300I, I9300T, I9301I, I9301Q, I9305, I9305N, I9305T, I9200, I9205, I9260, I9295, I9190, I9192, I9195, I9195L, I9195H, I9195T, I9197, B5330, B5330B, B5330L, N5100, N5110, N5120, N7100, N7100T, N7102 , N7105, N7105T, N8000, N8010, N8013, N8020, P3100, P3110, P3113, P5100, P5110, P5113, P5200, P5210, P5220, etc. 
GHS I317, I497, I727, I747, I257M, I317M, I337M, I467M, I747M, I757M, M819N, M919, M919N, T779, T889, T999, T999V, Galaxy Nexus, etc. 
SM C105A, G900AZ, A3000, A3009, A300F, A300FU, A300G, A300H, A300M, A300Y, A300YZ, A310F, A310M, A310N0, A5000, A5009, A500F, A500F1, A500FU, A500G, A500H, A500K, A500L, A500M, A500S, A500Y, A500YZ, A510F, A510K, A510L, A510M, A510S, A510Y, A7000, A7009, A700F, A700FD, A700H, A700K, A700L, A700S, A700YD, A710F, A710K, A710L, A710M, A710S, A710Y, A8000, A800F, A800I, A800S, A800YZ, A9000, A9100, C101, C105, C105S, C111, C1116, C111M, C115, C1158, C115M, C115W, E500F, E500H, E500M, E7000, E7009, E700F, E700H, E700M, G360F, G360FY, G360G, G360GY, G360T, G360T1, G361H, G361HU, G3815, G386T, G5108, G5108Q, G5109, G5306W, G5308W, G5309W, G530BT, G530F, G530FZ, G530H, G530M, G530P, G530R4, G530T, G530W, G530Y, G531BT, G531H, G550FY, G7102, G7105, G7105H, G7105L, G710K, G710L, G710S, G7202, G730W8, G7508Q, G7509, G750F, G750H, G800F, G800H, G800M, etc. 
SC 01F, 02E, 02F, 03E, 04th 04F, 04G, 05G, 06R, etc. 
CHS I535, I545L, I605, I959, R530C, R530U, R890, R950, R960, R970, R970C, R970X, etc. 
VHS E140K, E210K, E210L, E210S, E230L, E230S, E250K, E250L, E250S, E300K, E300L, E300S, E310S, E330K, E330L, E330S, E370K, E470S, etc. 
SHW M440S, M480K, M480S, M480W, M500W, etc.

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Method 1

Rooting a Samsung without a pc

For the root of your Samsung without a computer you'll use the King Root application. This application don't root not only phones Samsung but also of phone Chinese and other brief all the known brand. for rooting your samsung you will go to the next page

You all right or title will be rooting a Chinese phone, but you don't follow just the steps and you will see your Samsung Rooter

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Method 2

Rooting a Samsung Galaxy with a pc

For the Root of your Samsung Galaxy with a computer you will use a small executable software under Windows and Mac on behalf of Odin 3.09 and download the file TeamWin - TWRP corresponding to the model of your Samsung phone.

1 - go on Build number in the phone setting click 5 faith to enter developer mode
2 - Turn off your phone
3. keep the Home, Power, and Volume - buttons until your unit goes into download mode
5 - Run Odin in Administrator on your computer
6 - Connect the phone to the computer
7 - Load the file TWRP for Samsung Galaxy have you download by clicking on AP 

6 - Click on Start and wait for the operation to complete.

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For brands more evolve I recommend videos below

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 S6/Edge Edge more Nougat 7.0 Easily!

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