Convert Ubuntu to XUbuntu (or other) and Vice Versa

Convert Ubuntu to XUbuntu

Many of you have perhaps noticed that the only difference between Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and other Ubuntus is pre-installed software and appearance. You asked " can I convert a Ubuntu to another? ." Guess what, you can!
When I say that the only difference between Ubuntu and others Ubuntus is pre-installed software and appearance... I'm referring to the desktop environment, so to switch to another Ubuntu, just install its desktop environment, by example:
To convert Ubuntu to Xubuntu, it is necessary to install the Xubuntu desktop environment, to do this type the following command in a terminal. (All of these commands require root privileges):
sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop
Once the une fois l' installation installation of the new environment of the office complete, close the session, you will have the choice between Ubuntu and Xubuntu environment during your connection.

Some other available environments:

Ubuntu : sudo apt - get install ubuntu-desktop
Kubuntu : sudo apt - get install kubuntu-desktop
Xubuntu : sudo apt - get install xubuntu-desktop
Lubuntu : sudo apt - get install lubuntu-desktop
Ubuntu GNOME : sudo apt - get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop
Matt Ubuntu (Basic installation): sudo apt - get install-companion office
Matt Ubuntu (Complete installation):
sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends mate-desktop-environment mate-desktop-environment-extra mate-archive-keyring caja-gksu caja-sendto mate-indicator-applet mate-media-gstreamer mate-icon-theme-faenza; apt-get remove gcalctool gnome-screenshot gedit file-roller eog gnome-system-monitor gnome-system-log baobab gnome-terminal gnome-applets gnome-media gnome-power-manager gnome-screensaver; update-alternatives --install "$(which x-terminal-emulator)" x-terminal-emulator "$(which mate-terminal)" 30; update-alternatives --set x-terminal-emulator "$(which mate-terminal)"

Note on graphical interfaces:

Ubuntu = Unity
KDE = Kubuntu
= XFCE Xubuntu
Lubuntu = LXDE
To cancel the change simply uninstall the environment that you have just installed by running the commands below, it is also possible to completely remove the base environment by using these same commands.
Replace "ubuntu-desktop" with the name of the desktop environment you want to uninstall!
sudo apt-get remove --purge ubuntu-desktop
sudo apt-get autoremove --purge
Note that the installation of an office environment has probably installed some additional packages, detect and remove them... for example, to remove completely the KDE desktop environment, run the following command:
sudo apt-get remove --purge kde-plasma-desktop kde-workspace kubuntu* plymouth-theme-kubuntu-logo plymouth-theme-kubuntu-text; apt-get autoremove --purge; apt-get autoclean
That's all for this tutorial, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask in the comments, CIAO!

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