Facebook is not intended for people it is bad and manipulate us

Facebook is not intended for people it is bad and manipulate us

At the moment of the 21st century something appeared on the web and began to spread like an epidemic, this thing was Facebook, when Facebook was launched, the goals he seeks to achieve are different from what they are now, things seem to have changed after his fame, but what I don't understand is his amazing influence on people. most people do not really know what they are doing on this site because it has become so dangerous.

Understanding the influences that Facebook makes will bring us back to its beginnings when the goals of this site were small and only caring for people. When Facebook was invented, the goal was to link people, that mean it make to people, but this was only preliminary. After the expansion of Facebook, companies, government institutions and marketing campaigns have entered Side by side with people, thus Facebook changed and became a trading company, so Facebook has made some adjustments to its algorithm and can manipulate the main pages of people and you will notice the ads that will appear to you when you enter on the home page or your Messenger application.

Well, after Facebook was for people, Later turned into a commercial tool in which people are manipulated, Instead of getting matters concerning society, the focus is more on directing you to corporate marketing campaigns by manipulating your homepage, and because this thing has been easy on Facebook it has turned their attention to manipulation of people in another way and the new planning has become how to make people stay longer on site. Studies have been carried out specifically for this thing, people have been analyzed and sampled from the community, and the things that people love have been found, as you currently see Facebook is a society that gives people complete freedom to do things that are actually being denied.

In addition to this, everything was provided that the person would not be bored and his mind would be eager for more things on Facebook through updates from friends, groups, buttons, likes, comments, etc. All these things are meant to connect people to Facebook. For example, if you agree to the arrival of alerts to you in the form of small windows in this case Facebook will remain with you throughout your use of the computer, even if you are not browsing the phone,  everyone install blue application and Messenger and everyone who uses these applications know the type of notifications received, Because this may not be taken seriously by many, I decided to refer to some of the points that I noticed on Facebook which you may notice later. This list is as follows:

Like he's a rat

The exact description of your daily Facebook browsing can be limited to the word addiction, you will often find that your access to the Internet is an entry point to your Facebook. And that's not normal, it's a strange thing. The internet contains millions of websites but specifically you are browsing Facebook more than any other site and maybe Facebook eats a large part of your network, that Facebook apparently controls people in a way that is understandable to some, but it's not a phenomenon for many, and that's definitely manipulating people.

Manipulating people

Because Facebook's income from advertisements is too large, they are heavily focused on users because they are of course customers, the information for each person is collected and his or her home page is manipulated in order to make the right ads for everyone, not just that. The big problem is to make Facebook share anything we see This is almost, and with time, the desire to have more admiration grows until a sense of happiness and contentment is obtained. And as it develops, it will be a duty for you to work your posts and make it a concern to people without knowing it, so if you want to show up in a polite form, you'll find that you're publishing a lot of things. Religious and moral, but if you want to show up in a bookworm, you'll find that you publish a lot of cultural publications and other books and so on... With time you will make yourself a fake character and you will destroy your future and become more like a schizophrenic person.

Wasting time

This particular thing I've asked a lot of people, and all of them, without exception, confirmed this thing, that Facebook is a big bag full of time wasting. You will wake up after hours of browsing or something that has happened to you, or if you never get out of it, when someone enters the homepage that seems to be out of the challenge. Emissions begin to pass the news one after another without knowing anything about the time as if it was in a coma, but its interpretation is that Facebook has controlled it by manipulating it like we said before. The problem is, in the end, we don't benefit from anything, and if we use this time to learn a new skill, we can have a lot of pain. At present.

Other frustrating publications and useless information

When you enter the homepage you will find a huge number of people who suffer from the pain of love and if they are enumerated, they find that their numbers are far more than the World War II wounded. And we're not going to forget people with life pain, the main page has made a complaint yard, no one is spreading about science and everyone is interested. By spreading the crap, in addition to all this, the information you get from the useless Facebook is not going to go beyond the news and end up after a certain time. And if you've noticed how many years you're browsing Facebook, you can ask yourself what new skill you've learned through, and you'll find flyers. Biased by ethnic, sectarian and ideological tendencies and if you are human in every sense of the word, you will lose your psychological comfort because of these publications.

Hypocrisy and dealing with people you have nothing to do with them

You have to admit, you have people in Facebook that have nothing to do with you, and there's no connection between you and them. They're like idols to you, and you're like the idol to them. And this is all useless, but most of the time you interact with their flyers on the lake because you think this thing is a duty, not only with strangers, but with your friends. Also, where you put Ike to a picture, even if you don't like it because if you don't, others will think you don't care about them, and you're afraid to think you're ignoring them and this will teach you Facebook hypocrisy and lie to people and this thing will move you to your real life, especially your professional and your relationships with people.

False allegations and mental illness

Facebook makes people mentally ill so that others are keen to make their posts more attractive to others. Everyone's trying to pretend to be a great person, and while trying to be other people, wasting your time, and this is on your future, people tend to be a while from their Facebook addiction to making their thinking a position. To get more admiration and it becomes like a real psychological illness.

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