The Real Difference Between Hydrogen Bomb and Nuclear Bomb

The Real Difference Between Hydrogen Bomb and Nuclear Bomb

By their murderous power, nuclear weapons are particularly feared, rightly. Atomic or hydrogen, two bombs are often intertwined are actually quite different. But what exactly?
To date, the only ones to have really made use of the atomic bomb are the United States during the bombing of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. About 300,000 people were killed. But an h-bomb is a completely different beast and potentially much more destructive. According to nuclear experts, it is up to 1 000 times more powerful as a bomb was.
These two weapons using nuclear technology. We then distinguishes the bombs 'A' that are nuclear fission bombs and bombs 'H' which designate the weapons using nuclear fusion. The bomb works by the bursting of heavy atoms. They are from unstable material such as uranium-235 or plutonium-239 stored in the bomb. During the reaction, each atom is divided into two generating a huge amount of energy resulting in a heat and a blast effect equivalent to more than 15,000 tons of dynamite. It is this chemical reaction that is channeled into nuclear power plants.

The h-bomb operates for its nuclear fission-fusion process. It is a classic atomic bomb to which we add another chemical reaction at the end of the string in order to increase his power. A two step process so its explosion. First, a first part of the bomb is going to be an atomic explosion of classical theatre. The rise in temperature and the energy released will trigger nuclear fusion. It is to fuse nuclei of deuterium and tritium atoms (a version heavy of the simplest Atom world: hydrogen) to form a nucleus of helium. The reaction, accompanied by an emission of particles, leads to the formation of nuclei lighter than the sum of the two cores "parents." Excess weight is released in the form of a four times greater than that of the fission energy.
As you can see, the explosion of the h-bomb is much more powerful than the bomb, this first inspired neither more nor less nuclear reactions carried out inside our star and allows him to enlighten us and heat us to several tens of millions of kilometres away. They are different, of course, but don't be fooled: the two weapons are capable of eradicating all life on Earth.

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