Professional Books To Learn Robotics

Professional Books To Learn Robotics

1.  Robot Building for beginner by David Cook

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This book will show you how to use Arduino you have to control a range of different robots, providing step-by-step instructions in the process of building entire robots. You will learn the basics of Arduino as well as the properties of different types of motors used in robots. You can also discover ways and methods of remote control, and learn how to apply them to your project. The book begins with basic robots and moves into more complex projects

Contents of the book :

 Chapter 1: The Basics

 Chapter 2: Arduino For  Robotics
Chapter 3: Let's Get Moving 
Chapter 4: Linus the Line-Bot 
Chapter 5: Wally the Wall-Bot 
Chapter 6: Making PCBs 
Chapter 7: The bug-Bot 
Chapter 8: Explorer-Bot 
Chapter 9: RoboBoat 
Chapter 10: Lawn-Bot 400 
Chapter 11: The Seg-Bot 
Chapter 12: The Battle-Bot 
Chapter 13: Alternate Control 

2.  Robot Building for beginner by David Cook

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Robot Building for beginner cover photo

As a statistic, this book of Ben's best-selling books in its field is now in its third edition. This book is geared to people who don't know anything about robots, anyone with motives can learn the basics so that they will be able to build a robot-sized lunch box capable of walking independently. Along the way you will learn the basics of wires, electronics, mechanics and tools so that you have the skills to learn more and advance more in the field of robots. Finally you will learn about 3D printing.

Contents of the book :

 Chapter 15: Comparators
 Chapter 1: Welcome Robot Inventor
 Chapter 16: Transistor Switches
 Chapter 2: Where to obtain  Tools and Parts
 Chapter 17: DC Motors
 Chapter 3: Safety
 Chapter 18: Adding Gearhead Motors
 Chapter 4: Digital Multimeter
 Chapter 19: Wheels
 Chapter 5: Numbers and Units
 Chapter 20: Couper
 Chapter 6: Robot Line--Following
 Chapter 21: Soldering Equipment
 Chapter 7: Nine-Volt Batteries
 Chapter 22: Soldering and Connecting
 Chapter 8: Clips and Test  Leads
 Chapter 23: The Motherboard
 Chapter 9: Resistors
 Chapter 24: Body Building
 Chapter 10: LEDs
 Chapter 25: Launching the Line-Follower
 Chapter 11: Power on
 Chapter 26: Encore
 Chapter 12: Solderless  Prototyping
 Chapter 27: Appendix
 Chapter 13: solderless  Breadboard Setup

 Chapter 14: Variable Resistors

3. Robot Builder's Bonanza, 4th Edition

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Robot Builder's Bonanza cover photo

The focus of this book will be to learn how to design, create and use small robots! This guide is rich in images and offers everything you need to know about completely independent robots that can be programmed from your computer. Fully updated with the latest technologies and techniques, the fourth edition includes step-by-step diagrams that take you in turn from building basic machine platforms to give the machine the brain different orders--and make the robot able to walk, talk, obey orders in short this book will teach you some aspects of intelligence Artificial for robots.

The book contains more than 100 projects you can build at affordable prices, including 10 fully developed robot designs. These projects are modular and can be combined to create a variety of highly intelligent and workable robots of all shapes and sizes. Mix these projects will lead to develop your unique creations. and open the field to your vast imagination.

Contents of the book :

Chapter 25: Robot Movement with Shape Memory Alloy
 Chapter 1: Welcome to the  Robotics
 Chapter 26: Build Robots  with Wheels and Tracks
 Chapter 2: Anatomy of a  Robot
 Chapter 27: Build Robots  with Legs
 Chapter 3: Getting Parts
 Chapter 28: Experimenting  with Robotic Arms
 Chapter 4: Safety First
 chapter 29: Experimenting with Robotic Grippers
 Chapter 5: Building Robot  Bodies
 Chapter 30: Building Robot  Electronic
 Chapter 6: Mechanical  Construction Techniques
 Chapter 31: Common Electronic Components forr Robotics
 Chapter 7: Working with  Wood
 Chapter 32: Using Solderless  Breadboards
 Chapter 8: Build a Motorized  Wooden Platform
 Chapter 33: Making Circuit  Boards
 Chapter 9: Working with  Plastic
 Chapter 34: An Overview Of  Robot Brains
 Chapter 10: Build a Motorized Plastic Platform
 Chapter 35: Understanding  Microcontrollers
 Chapter 11: Working with  Metal
 Chapter 36: Programming  Concepts: the fondamentals
 Chapter 12: Build a Motorized Metal Platform
 Chapter 37: Using the  Arduino
 Chapter 13: Assembly  Techniques
Chapter 38: Using The PICAXE
  Chapter 14: Rapid  Prototyping Methods
 Chapter 39: Using the BASIC  Stamp
 Chapter 15: Drafting Bots with Computer 
 Chapter 40: Interfacing Hardwar with yourr Microcontroller or Computer
 Chapter 16: Constructing  High-Tech Robots from Toys
 Chapter 41: Remote Control  Systems
 Chapter 17: Building Bot with  fram Found Parts
 Chapter 42: Adding the  Sense of Touch
 Chapter 18: All about  Batteries
 Chapter 43: Proximity and  Distance Sensing
 Chapter 19: Robot power  systems
 Chapter 44: Robotic Eyes
 Chapter 20: Moving Your  Robot
 Chapter 45: Navigating Your  Robot
 Chapter 21: Choosing the  Right Motor
 Chapter 46: Making and  Listening to sound
 Chapter 22: Using DC Motors
 Chapter 47: Interacting with  your Creation
 Chapter 23: Using Servo  Motor
 Chapter 48: Donger, Will Robinson
 Chapter 24: Mounting Motors  and Wheels

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