How to Recover Your Deleted Android Notifications

How to Recover Your Deleted Android Notifications

You receive probably many notifications on your phone or tablet Android you have into habit sometimes mass delete without reading. But one day, while you instinctively delete a notification, you realize it was important... someone you need to remember, a system update, a call or a SMS... Don't panic! There are two easy and simple solutions to access the history of your notifications.

By the native Android services:

On most devices Android running 4.3 Jelly Bean and above, you can create a shortcut on your homescreen that allows you to see all of your previous notifications, even if you deleted them. For my free, I'll use stock Android on Google Nexus 7. This option is available on all devices (this is not the case for the Samsung devices for example...), if this does not work for you, please see the second part of this article where I proposed another option that you can use to navigate to the notification log.
you will need to access your applications menu, and then click on the Widgets tab.
Notififications widget Android
Slide the "Shortcut to settings" widget to your home screen, once this is done, a menu will appear. Click on "Journal of Notifications".
Notififications journal android
Well, there you are. As soon as you will need to go to view notifications, you have to launch the Widget. It will also tell you what time and what day this notification has been published. By clicking on it, you can access the information from the application in question.

Via third-party applications:

Y' has several, me I have chosen for you Notif Log, this application will start to remember your notifications as soon as you have installed and activated. Notif log allows you to group notifications by category, mark some important and highlight of out-dated standby, as well as lots of other options that will allow you to more easily find what you're looking for. You can also select the applications that you no longer want to keep logs, for example the battery level notifications, or changes to the keyboard.
Android notif log
Here are two tips simple that should help you track this valuable notifications, do you know others?

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