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5 Best Free Online Storage Services

You have files to host online in order to get a link that can be used to download all the time this also lets you retrieve your file from any computer, be aware that there are some free storage services line who provide you with an unlimited or limited all storage volume depends on the type of link that offer you (Direct or indirect).

The cloud is the exploitation of the power of computing or storage of remote computer servers over a network, usually Internet, posing as a cloud it allows to store large servers in a certain number of files: music, Videos, Photos, software, in short all what can be stored online.

Take him out of our article is to give an overview of the 5 best online in 2018 storage services. Before you know that there are paid options, if you want to get a direct link without advertising or other workaround.

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Best free online storage site

Google driver (cloud free google) is a storage service in the cloud launch by the company Google, to provide use it need all simply create a Google account and accessed to interface. It allows you to store all type of file.

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It gives you a free 15 GB volume and provide you a link to download without advertising and regarding storage pay Google drive here is a brief overview of its tariffs:
  •  100 GB to 1.99 $ / month
  • 1 TB to 9.99 $ / month
  • 99.99 10TB $ / month 


    hubiC is a French company that offers the solution of data storage developed by end of 2011 online, hubiC today federates more than 800,000 utilisateurs.100% private, file transfers on your space hubiC use the SSL protocol, and each file is stored with data redundancy. 

    stockage gratuit en ligne avec lien direct
    hubic offers you 25 GB of free online storage and as paid service it offers 10 To 50 € TTC/years.


    pcloud allows you to store up to 20 GB of file, it allows synchronization with the other storage online such as: One Driver, Facebook, Instagram Google Drive and Drop box, it also allows to make a preview of the video bitch his reader with a playlists.

    stockage en ligne gratuit illimité

    For the plans you have the following offers
    • Premuim: 500 GB Stockage500 GB traffic of the download link traffic to upload remotely illimite30 days of history of trash
    • Premuim more: 2 TB Stockage2 To traffic of the download link traffic to upload remotely illimite30 days of history of trash

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