Hack a Facebook account in two seconds? really?

Hack a Facebook account in two seconds

"You want to hack a Facebook account in 2 seconds, enter the name of your target"

hack a Facebook account
A logo done in Paint in 2 seconds, too.
Good, if you clicked or if you did, it's not seriousSorry to have used this approach but it's the best way of prevention that I have, and one that will save you from losing money.
Just know that all these piracy on demand websites are fake.
You hack , you will pay and do you have. Your money will go in a cave in the Seychelles and you can even take proceedings against your scammer.
No service can provide you with a password-click', whether paying or not, that it is using a secret flaw or not, whether recommended or "rated" by users or not.

Why you can not hack Facebook account with these services?

Just because Facebook is secure ! It is still one of the most popular sites in the world and there is ways behind it!
Imagine that a vulnerability is actually present who would steal any account with one clickNot only the flaw would be corrected in the minute, but increasingly the new would round the world in the minute she also. And its author would not waste his time to make a paid or free site. Certainly much better, he would have to do with this fault.
I do not say that it doesn't, but I do not think that a site would be created immediately and especially would be functional for so long.
It is probably possible to hack, since accounts are regularly, but using any other handsets for little sensitive users, just as target you you with these fake services.
Another resource :
In computer security, we learn the approach of (real) attackers who are targeted, accurate and long. This is the opposite of piracy-click' which you may be victim. For more information on hacking Facebook account and how to defend.
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