How to Put One Name on Facebook

How to put one name on Facebook

Facebook took a little more than 3 months to spot the technique and has therefore suspended my account because it was considered "non-compliant" until the original name is given.
I quote:
Update your name
Your account has been temporarily suspended, because it seems that you do not use your real name.Facebook is a community in which people communicate by exposing their real identity. We ask all users to use their full real name.
Do not worry. Again, you can access your account once your journal updated with your real full name. If you use a nickname, you can add it to your newspaper as another name.
You therefore use the following on your own responsibility.
EDIT 28/01/15
According to a recent feedback, it's still working at the moment. But I said that if Facebook decides to suspend your account, you will be perhaps more able to change its name once the true name put back in place...
EDIT 18/05/15: it's still functional, and I quote Isabelle who wrote:
Hello, in this Sunday, May 17, 2015 I just proceed and be successful with the IP and the next port:
IP: Port: 54321 previously reported by max thanks for the info
EDIT 26/05/16: Facebook may obviously ask a document proving your identity if he decides that your name needs to be changed.
If you have long sought to only display one name on Facebook, here's a method that might be of interest to you.
It is possible to show only her name on Facebook and we'll see how.

How to put one name on Facebook?

Let's connect on Facebook one posing as an Indonesian, it is from here that Facebook will allow us to do so.
So we're going to follow three simple steps, we'll change the language of Facebook, change our IP address and finally change the name and return to our Facebook in french.
This manipulation was made initially with Internet Explorer, if you don't know how to change the proxy on another browser settings, continue by logging into Facebook with Internet Explorer.
Otherwise you can adapt the method with another browser, just for example in Firefox click on Tools-> Options-> advanced-> settings tab and change the settings at the appropriate time.
Sign up for Facebook according to your chosen browser to continue so. Of course it won't change anything about the final outcome.

Step 1: Change of language

By being connected with your Facebook account, visit this link: & section = language & view
In the language menu, select Bahasa Indonesia:
And click on save changes.
So, Facebook is now displayed in Indonesian and you no longer understand anything but not panic!
Sign now of Facebook: click the gear in the top right as usually and select Keluar (disconnect)

Step 2 - Change our IP address

Change the language is notenough, because Facebook is based on the IP address to determine the language.
So, we'll use an Indonesian proxy to change our IP and totally pretend to be an Indonesian.
What follows is about Internet Explorer. Customize it if you chose to use a different browser.
In the menu Start of Windows type directly: inetcpl.cpl and press enter or type it if you're running Windows XP in the box Start-> run.
The Internet options:
comment mettre un seul nom sur Facebook
Select the connections tab and at the bottom of this window click on network settings.
Check the use a proxy server for your LAN [...]
And note the following IP address: and 8080 for port:
Paramètres réseau
EDIT: you can also use this IP if the first doesn't work any longer:
EDIT2 (31/10/13): you can also try the following IP address: with the port 3129, if it does not work with others (thanks to MagikAlex ).
Then click OK and Ok again to close the two windows. 

Step 3 - Change the name

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