How to Install Facebook Messenger on Ubuntu

How to Install Facebook Messenger on Ubuntu

The social network that we use all has a small nome Facebook Messenger program, this program allows you to chat with your friends without having to open your browser Facebok page, it is very easy easy to install it on Windows. but unfortunately, it is not available for Linux, thank God there are alternatives like Linux messenger who is a clone of Facebook messenger... In this tutorial we will see then how to install it on Ubuntu and its derivatives.
Start by installing dependencies, for this you have to open the terminal and type the following command:
sudo apt - get install python-setuptools python3-setuptools python-qt4-phonon python-qt4-phonon python3 - pyqt4.phonon
Click here to download the zip on the project page, place archive on the desktop, right click to extract the files, and then open up a terminal, and place you in the directory of the file linuxmessenger-master. to out simply type: Office/linuxmessenger-master cd /
Just you want to install it, type: sudo./ install
Congratulations, it is installed, from now you can remove the folder linuxmessenger-master, now to start it just open a terminal and type: fbmessenger
You're probably okay with me it's not very convenient, so we will see how to create a launcher on the desktop.

Create a launcher to Linux messenger:

Open a terminal and type: sudo apt-get install alacarte
Then type: gnome-desktop-item-edit-create-new ~/Bureau
In the window that opens, fill in this way:
In the name field, put Facebook Messenger. In order make put sure you fbmessenger and validate.
To make the Launcher prettier and more meaningful, you can add an icon by clicking on the spring on the left, and select an image in PNG format. To download the icon exist messenger on the desktop for example, type the following command:
wget ~/Bureau/ Pei
Here, change your Launcher to add the image, and you should have a nice launcher for Facebook Messenger on the desktop.

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