How to Disable Mac OS X Update

How to Disable Mac OS X Update

By default, macbooks or imacs updates are done automatically. Apple urges its users to update for compatibility and security reasons. But there is a way to disable automatic updates on mac if you do not want to do them.

Disable automatic update mac

The updates of your mac are done via the apple store. Go to the menu by pressing the F4 key on your mac.
Then go to apple store.
disable mac osx update 1
You may decide to start the updates here but you can not disable them.
disable mac osx update 2
To disable updates to your mac you have to go to the system settings.
To do this return to the application menu with the F4 key
Then click in system settings.
disable update mac osx 3
Then click on apple store, which will bring up a configuration window of the latter.
disable update mac osx 4
Uncheck all boxes to disable updates on mac .
disable mac osx update 5
You can now close this window and restart your mac, and updates will no longer be searched or proposed.

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