The Simplest Way to Make Text Larger on Facebook app

The Simplest Way to Make Text Larger on Facebook app

In this blog we explain one of the best ways to help users of smartphones and Tablet PCs to enlarge the font size of the Facebook application and other applications installed on the phone! Yes, if you are looking for a way to enlarge the font size in a Facebook application or any other application installed on the phone, especially as no option is available zoom in and out of font size in applications installed under Phone and device settings, follow us to learn how to do this.

Big Font Application

If the platform font size looks too large, the reverse looks too small for you and you want to enlarge and resize the font completely on the device you need to download and install the big font application, as this application allows you to resize the system font from 20% to 100%, additionally the application is available in M Janni is completely on Google's PlayStation market with a free and clean interface of advertisements and supports Arabic language.

The most important features of Big Font application?

Turning your phone into a magnifying glass using camera zoom, preview the font size before the application, the application supports working on Android 2.3 higher and newer than that, as we mentioned provide the App store free and easy to use.

How to use the application?

After downloading and installing the application on your phone and running it will show you in the main interface a great set of steps, all you have to the bug is to choose the appropriate font size and click on "Dish" and the application will ask you to restart the phone in order to apply the new font size.

Big Font Application

After you restart the phone you will instantly notice the application of the new font size on the system as well as on the applications installed on the phone and on the Facebook application. [Download Application link]

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