How a Hacker Can Hack Your Facebook Account and How to Protect Yourself

How a Hacker Can Hack Your Facebook Account and How to Protect Yourself

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Better understand how to protect themselves

General note for all those (or those) who would be dropped (e) s here in trying to hack a Facebookaccount, for any reason:
I start by immediately warn you: not only you will not find what you are looking for here, but in addition it is not possible to find a password to an account using an program or third-party site.
All these services offer a hacker click an account by providing your e-mail address just are wrong !What are your information which may be collected!
You will also fall oddly always on ' 404 Not Found', ' Page unavailable for an indefinite period ' or even the famous GIF image of the loading bar that never stops:

Download ready-made programs and never give your password to anyone.
YouTube is full of videos of the type "how hacker Facebook excluded account" or even funnier: "how to hack a Facebook account in 2 seconds! It's simple, don't believe any of these videos especially if they offer to do the same.
You will often be entitled to beautiful expressions detailed explaining that the password 'encrypted in MD5' will be retrieved and decoded by professionals in a way quite anonymous and free. The software will always, and coincidentally, totally unique in the world and will have "found a loophole" allowing any Facebook account hacker in the world!
Don't believe them.

Since I like the evidence, I'll give you a

I went on these sites that I just talk (and you'll find oddly always at the top of the search results when you search for how to hack a facebook account If you (rightly) that the title is "catchy", you say I'm avoiding you to pay in a vacuum, or make you hack!
This is what you ask such a site before "hack an account:
And this is what happens when you pay an "offer", a "subscription" or other :
faux site
I fall squarely on another site with a predefinedpage. Whatever code I get, regardless of the number of times where I click, pay or subscribe, I get "Page not found" on a free hosted site.

See for yourself

If you have the misfortune to click on these sites, you have to watch the pages that are there, the legal notice (if already there) and spelling. Often, these pages do not even exist, support either, sometimes reads even in the 'conditions' in any kid that "no password will be recovered" and that he is a 'site of entertainment. " You can also report (internet-report. If you have been a victim of these scams.


You can also report these sites to micropayment platform if you are scammed:
I turn now to all Internet users who wish to learn how to defend against cyberthreatsActually, too many accounts are still pirated one way or another, the proof is there, you're all day very likely to ask me for help to retrieve your Facebook account.
So will more in details and study a little more these pirates before learning in practice to defend ourselves.

For starters, why we pirate you?

The pirate seeks generally to:
  • Revenge of someone who did evil, him or his relatives.
  • Discover information of high importance (quite often related to torque or at work).
  • He was victim of injustice or scam.
Our goal here is not to fall into these traps as well as secure our account.

Understand how a hacker can hack your Facebook account in order to protect you

Demonstration of the security mechanisms put in place to establish our defense

We are going over the article less essential points that you must implement to protect your account.
It is quite difficult to predict what Facebook will do (and that's their goal) but if a hacker connects to your account from a place and an unusual computer, Facebook will detect it.
Here, for example, if we try to connect posing as a resident of Texas who uses his mobile phone, the following page appears:
Compte verrouillé : impossible de pirater un compte facebook
If a person trying to access your account even having your password it will be probably blocked for accessing your account from an unknown location. (away from home)

comment hacker un compte facebook - acces suspect
Facebook reported a suspicious access
It also happens that additional verification steps are requested from there:
Question de sécuritéFacebook asked (it changes often) an answer to a secret question or to identify friends from the hacked account:
Méthode de vérification rendant impossible de pirater facebookIn addition to that, an e-mail is usually sent (if the option is enabled in the account settings):
comment pirater un compte facebok avec un Appareil inconnu
The IP address of the connected account is displayed with other identification information.
And finally, if the user was well secured his account (we'll talk at the end of the article), Facebook sends an SMS code, which makes it useless without having the laptop in question at hand:
hacker un compte facebook est impossible avec un Code de sécurité
Very interesting point resulting: it is therefore very important for us to associate our account to ourphone number.
And if you still believe in the program that can hack a Facebook account in 30 seconds, I hope you understand better that Facebook is still secure and FortunatelyFacebook is secure, of course, but where would come so the problem?

Can I still get hack our Facebook account?

Under certain conditions, especially when you have not activated the option code security by SMS or any other account recovery option (address emergency). The same if the pirate lives very close to you or has already connected from your own computer. A new track is offered to us in the case of a piracy: the pirate lives may not be so far from home, maybe it is even connected to your computer in the past...
Where your account has been hacked, the hacker will be no more anonymous technically speaking, because the traces of account access can still be saved, we will come back.

What can do if he doesn't know our password?
According to the options enabled on Facebook, it is possible to be notified by email of all messages, events, etc.
From that moment, secure his Facebook account is not enough, he should also secure his e-mail linked to Facebook accountIt's another interesting point and especially, not to be overlooked.
From this moment on, secure his Facebook account is not enoughCLICK TO TWEET
This is an example of a conversation directly displayed in an email, visible without having access to the Facebook account :
hacker un compte facebook avec l'emailThe hacker can access your private life published in base on Facebook by recovering the password of the e-mail address associated with your account. This last is very important I repeat, must not neglect to properly secure his account, and this explains why you can have hacked you "without even be entered in your account. Like what it is well possibleI repeat: the e-mail address is a very sensitive data secure as if it was your house keys !

Other hacking techniques to protect themselves:

Phishing pages:

This is to copy an official website to retrieve your password. I did a whole article that I invite you to check here: Facebook Phishing, explanations and countermeasures.


In all cases, protect yourself against these threats but also and especially against any other psychological type social engineering tricks.
The Blog of the Hacker you helps to protect your account and your privacy, feel free to post a comment if you have a concern for safety.

It was possible in the past

  • It is still possible for a hacker to click on the 'Forgotten password' button an account. Only Facebook strengthens a lot its security at this level, it will ask you therefore possibly an answer to a secret questionAnd especially it will take 3 friends to this account to communicate Security numbers he will receive on their mobile phones. Those 3 friends are obviously now chosen at randomMake sure you so and choose trusted friends.
  • To remove an account, a shabby one could fake a death certificate in order to ask Facebook to close one account. If this happens, contact Facebook for it renders you your account, simply. Same for the usurpation of identity or other denial of service against your account.
  • A pretty vicious technique allowed to post on Facebook instead of a user. It was to send an email to a specific address. The body of the message was posted as if the user had just poster itself (why don't worry, this is no longer possible, but I mention this to point out even once your Facebook account security goes beyond Facebook itself ) :
pirater un compte facebook
So never share this address secret, your phone number or your e-mail address, and your password.

Still other malicious techniques explained by Facebook itself

Piracy is not only the theft of passwords. There are techniques to steal specific information only or to perform actions that typically bring in money to their authors.
These techniques include:

The sharebaiting

source: mycommunitymanager
Source: mycommunitymanager
Scammers use the sharebaiting to make believe users than sharing a given content, they will receive something in Exchange, for example it will be able to watch a video. If this happens, feel free to report (official recommendations).
You can also see your active sessions and personal history that give you a lot of information on who is connected to your account from where.

The Self XSS

He is here to make you believe that you're going to hack a person or perform all kinds of great so-called actions so that in fact you go run your own malicious code that will be harmful.
Asked typically copy and paste some code into the address bar or in the browser console to perform these actions.
Facebook also warns that it is a browser feature that is designed for developers and that a suspicious code can give access to your Facebook account. :

How to secure his account once and for all

After better understanding how a hacker can hack your Facebook account, we'll see how the secure for good.
If you neglect your account and especially if you neglect your own safety, you may be hacked everything simply.
Here are the optimal settings to set it to your Facebook account to avoid many problems (account-> Security):
Paramètres de sécurité - pirater un compte facebook
As very well noticed someone in the comments, "37 recognized devices" here may also pose a threat. Facebook launch no warning of suspicious connection for these devices. Therefore complete sessions of the devices that you no longer use, or not often!

Other Councils to always keep in mind

  • Regularly change your passwords (including e-mail address) and beware.
  • Don't give never your password, your friend, or on a site that promises wonders.
  • Know recognize and counteract manipulation techniques to recover your password.
  • Keep your computer up-to-date antivirus software, which itself must be updated.
  • Continue to inform you about computer security in order to better navigate securely.

What should I do if I have been hacked and how to recover my account?

You read this article too late? If the damage is done, it is more difficult to recover from, but we will try together.
Start by analyzing your PC, connect to a safe place to change the passwords you can change.
PSit doesn't help to change a password as soon as possible, if spyware is on your computer, it will retrieve the new password immediately, and you will waste your time!
Facebook introduced procedures to recover your account, here is the link:
You can usually recover your account through specific identifications associated with your friends (we talked about above), with your phone number (we talked about also)... etc.
Don't forget that you can always contact Facebook to explain a problem if ever the situation escalates. Here's how to contact Facebook and help:
You can also get help from your friends asking them to report your account as being hacked. Here is a proof that report the hacked account with his friends works:

Thanks for reading to the end. Really take your safety seriously.
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