Protect Google Chrome With Password

Protect Google Chrome With Password

The latest stable version of Google Chrome allows you to lock your browser when you use it to protect your sensitive data and your life private, namely your passwords, your browsing history, Favorites etc, all what you have to do is access the 'experimental features' of the browser and activate "the new profile management system", and Yes! no need for third-party software and extensions.
This can be very handy, especially in situations where you want to allow anyone to access private data that is synchronized with your Google account. The locking of the browser function is included as part of the new experimental Google profile management system, and can be easily activated by adjusting the settings hidden chrome (a.k.a Flags).
It looks something that you can use to secure your browsing activities? Follow me let's see how this works...

How to protect Google Chrome with password?

This little tutorial on how to lock / protect Google Chrome with the password of your Google account will converse in two parts, the first is to show you how to enable this feature hidden, while the second explains how to useactually.
Step 1: Open Google Chrome, type " chrome://flags " (without the quotes) in the address bar and press ENTER.
Step 2: You are now on the flags page which contains a list of all the experimental features of the browser. Scroll down to find " Activate the new profile management system'." To activate, select "Enabled" in the menu drop-down.
Step 3: to make the change, click Restart now to restart the browser.
That's all. Once revived Chrome, take a look in the right corner of the title bar of the browser, you will see something like below:
protèger google chrome avec mot de passe
Impressive, is not it? As shown in the screenshot above, the new profiles management system makes it easy to switch between Google accounts. The name of the currently active user, a single click allows you to switch to a different profile. It also shows a lock in the right corner icon, which, when clicked, allows you to lock Google Chrome. When you use this icon to lock, the browser cache all tabs / windows assets and displays the Profile Manager window. Here is a screenshot:
 gestion de profils Google Chromepng
Now, whenever someone wants to access Google Chrome, he / she will have to click on his profile and enter the password (the same as that of his Google account). Even if someone adds a new profile by clicking Add a person, or uses an account invited, he / she will have a completely new session of Google Chrome. ensuring as well as all the data synchronized to your browser (for example, extensions, saved passwords, etc) remain secure. It's great isn't it?
Try this function, you will love it, when to me I give you give you in the next tutorial on Let's talk Geek, here here don't forget to follow me on Facebook all social networks, bye bye!

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