The Hacker Ethic, Why Get Into the Skin of an Attacker

The Hacker Ethic

The hacker ethic was created at the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), it is about values, moral and philosophical that hackers need to adhere to a standard.
This is what differentiates the hackers who seek to fight pirates who seek to harm othersThe distinction is important .
The journalist Steven Levy is the first to use the term ethical hacker in his book called HackersHe also defined the following rules:

The ethics of the hacker (ethical hacking)

  • Access to anything that might teach you something about how the world works should be unlimited and total.
  • Information should be free.
  • Do not trust authority, prefer decentralization.
  • Hackers should be judged on their achievements and not on criteria such as the age, origin, sex, diploma etc...
  • You can create art and beauty with a computer.
  • Computers can improve your life.
He asked also to the company to open its vision of the world on the hackers and to expand it to the planet and not just the small computer genius. He is later followed by the hacker Loyd Blankenship that defines the hacker manifesto.
More generally, we use the term 'hacker' ethics to refer to a true hacker who secures the computer systems, and not a hacker.

Why get into the skin of an attacker?

Hacking helps solve problems in many areas. In programming, for example, it is not reinventing the wheel, you can access the details of a system to build something useful and effective.hacker éthique
Applied computer security hacking allows to secure its own systems and identity online first understood how attacks.
From there, the ethical hacker known as the hacker in the white hat so put in the skin of a pirate to understand how it works, and to protect themselves.
We want to 'learn the attack to better defend themselves', and also used the term "offensive security".
The approach, inspired by the fire safety training, is standard in the middle of the hacking:
We present a technique inspired by a real case, it is explained and put into practice in order to understand the operating principles, and finally we will protects effectively against it.
The approach is the same for the police: you learn techniques of thieves to catch them more easily.
Notes: practice attacks to understand publicly present a potential danger of malicious people who would use the information to their advantage. As a result, the Blog of the Hacker will not provide a public details that would allow the realization of illegal actions.
Besides I have a revelation for you right now:
We often think that a hacker is a person very computer savvy, gifted and nomadic.
In fact, once we know their secrets, one realizes that all this did not extremely extensive knowledge, and we can defend by applying concepts simple and methodical.

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