Best Practices for Maximum Anonymity on Tor

Best Practices for Maximum Anonymity on Tor

Since its inception, the Tor network has attracted so many users thanks to the protection and the level of anonymity it offers against organizations that are doing their utmost to spy on and steal your personal information, private, sensitive, and confidential... Use Tor to protect themselves it is good, but what you probably don't know is that Tor alone you will not help if you don't you not got rid of some bad habits on the web...
Tor, that is what it is already?
In short, Tor, initially known as the Onion Router, is a network that was intended to protect the United States Navy. Currently, he is an Open Source program that will get your around a set of open connections. These connections come from volunteers everywhere in the world. More info about tor read and watch the video [Darknet] how I discovered it, and how to access
in this post I share with you the best practices to adopt to a maximum of anonymity on the Tor network.

1. use a VPN!

The golden rule of anonymity is to use a vpn, I would never say it enough! It's true that Tor protects you from the spies but who will protect you Tor itself? Tor uses as a proxy, which means that your data will be exposed to the last node in the network, to fix this problem you need to a vpn and is not any, a vpn that uses the SSL/TLS protocol protocol so that the Server is using a certificate that is confidential between the customer (you) and he same (server), thus establishing a key of 2048 bit encryption impossible to crack, result: the data which passes through them are totally obscure. I use and I recommend, a vpn literally almost perfect, it's a year that I use their service, and I am very satisfied.

2. use the Tor browser.

The fact that Tor is an anonymous network does not mean that Tor will protect your entire system. It protects only the applications and programs that are configured correctly. This is why you must use the browser that comes with the Tor package, it is pre-programmed to integrate perfectly with the Tor network.

3. say goodbye to your browser extensions.

You will notice that the Tor Browser disable things like Quicktime, RealPlayer and Flash. But do you know why? It does so in order to protect your privacy, because these applications have been known to retrieve your IP address. Similarly, you should avoid installing add-ons for Tor browser, because they can lead to a malfunction. A malfunction which in turn can be an obstacle to the original purpose of the browser, protect your privacy.

4. avoid to open downloaded files when working on Tor.

opening a PDF or other files using another application such as Adobe Reader or another can reveal your IP address. You don't have to.

5 Tor and Torrent, that's two.

Even if it does look, download of torrents for the use of Tor is not a very good idea. You can use the network, but do not try to download torrents.

6. always use HTTPS.

Yes, use this any time, even when you're not on the Tor network. It shouldn't pose problems, since the network automatically switches to HTTPS option, the extension that I use and that I recommend is HTTPS Everywhere.

7 Tor Bridges.

This is also important because Tor does not protect you against espionage by your ISP, it may detect that you are using Tor, the solution is to use the Tor Bridges (bridges) not listed in the public directory of the Tor project.

8 secure its network.

The more people who use Tor in your entourage, the safer you will be, it's as simple as that!
My friends I think although that's all for today, thanks for reading the article until the end, if you loved you know what to do, share it!


  1. Using Tor bridges is a waste. Those need to be used by people that can't reach the normal Tor relays, and misusing them makes it more likely those bridges will be discovered and censored.

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