How to create a Premium SSH account free valid 30 days

How to create a Premium SSH account free

Secure Shell (SSH) is both a computer program and a secure communications protocol. The connection protocol requires an exchange of encryption at the beginning of connection keys. Subsequently, all TCP segments are authenticated and encrypted. So it becomes impossible to use a sniffer to see what makes the user.

The SSH protocol is designed with the aim to replace the different protocols such as rlogin, telnet, rcp, ftp, and rsh unencrypted.

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Today many users can't if empasses of the use of SSH accounts, but then, how many people use SSH accounts has their full potential (speed for long periods of time premium accounts).
Then look no further today, let's you get how to create SSH free valid for 1 month premium accounts (30 days). Then follow just carefully follow the suite below.

Visit the site SSHKIT and click on CREATE ACCOUNT.

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Then choose your preferred SSH Europe server.

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After choosing your server SSH, you get off at the bottom of the page and log into your facebook account to create your SSH account.

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Once you have loggin to your facebook account, you click click 30 days as indicate in the image below.

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you fill your creations to your account information more precisely the password (password), and then click on submit.

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Wait about 30 seconds for the SSHKIT server to increment your account of and you have your premium account for 1 month free

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