Speed ​​up the startup of Windows 7

Speed ​​up the startup of Windows 7

The older the PC, the more difficult it will be for the operating system to load because of the many programs accumulated over time that tend to run on Windows 7 startup.
Aware of this recurring problem for Windows users, Microsoft has developed a program to analyze the system startup and the loading of installed drivers to maximize the process.
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10 seconds of winning on start

Thanks to the contribution of Bootvis software developed by Microsoft, each user will have the opportunity to gain about 10 seconds on the cold start of Windows 7.
For the steps to perform and download the software, it is here:

How does Bootvis work?

With this specific program, the Bootvis software will first analyze the brakes on Windows 7 startup and then the behavior of the different drivers. Once the first scan is done, bootvis will be able to remove the launch of unnecessary programs and drivers and speed up those allowing the pc to work properly.

Save time when starting windows:

1. Once the software has downloaded and unzipped, run it.
2. Start the analysis of your system via the Trace menu, Next Boot + Drivers delays.
3. The program will restart your computer. Run Bootvis again to display the results of the scan. You can see how long your PC starts, CPU usage, hard drive, etc ...
4.Click the Trace menu and then Optimize System to begin the optimization.
The system will reboot again and then a small window will appear to indicate that the optimization process is following. The execution time may seem long and last a few minutes. Your PC is finally faster at startup!

Persistent problem

If you are experiencing a persistent slow problem, it is likely that the operating system is faulty and needs to be reinstalled or cleaned. To answer this case, a more precise help is required as well as a suitable tutorial is necessarily the problem encountered. 
It may be that the machine needs the Windows 7 OS system to need to be reinstalled or that a virus interferes with the proper functioning of the computer.

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