Make a Backup of Windows With EASEUS TODO Backup

Make a Backup of Windows With EASEUS TODO Backup

Have a recent backup of Windows will ensure that if something happens to the operating system, we can restore our PC to its functional State in a few minutes. Let's see how to create a Windows backup using both the free version and the paid of EaseUS Todo Backup.

What is the best app to create a Windows backup

Allowing EaseUS Todo Backup to stand out from the crowd is the multitude of ways to back up our data that it includes.
We can create a disk or a partition backup, a backup of files, a backup of the Windows system, or a smart backup file that will only backup files that have been changed.

How to create a Windows backup with the free version of EaseUS Todo Backup

First you have to download the application from this link
During installation, we need to pay attention to where you want to put the backup, the default option is "C:\Mon file backups". However have our backup to the same disc has no sense, because if you lose what's on the disc, you will automatically lose the backup with, so it is best to select an external hard drive or a high-capacity USB formatted in NTFS or exFAT. Drives FAT32 only support files up to 4 GB in size, and as we already know the facilities Windows depacent this widely.
Sauvegarde Windows Easus Todo
Keep in mind that you can later change the backup folder from the application. You just need to click on the parameters of the program... the icon beside the card purchases.
parametres Easus

System backup

This option is a simplified version of the backup to disk or partition. We simply choose the version of Windows that you want to save, and EaseUS Todo Backup will do the rest.
Unfortunately this option does not give you the ability to save non-Windows operating systems.

What are the additional features of the paid version of EaseUS Todo Backup?

The purchase and activation of a license for EaseUS Todo Backup will give us access to some advanced options for each backup Windows.
We will find an option to receive notifications by email regarding our backups, we will also be able to specify commands to run before and after the backup, there is an option that will send a copy of each backup via FTP to a remote personal server. the exclusion of files will allow us to exclude files specific or types of files of our backups, and much more...
These options might not make a big difference for the average user, but they earn major points for an advanced user.

Special offer!

on mothers day, EaseUS offers free licenses and discounts going up to 99%, click here for details, or send me a message to to have a free license.

Have you had problems to create a backup of Windows?

If what anyone on the guide did not work as described, and you are not able to create or restore a backup image Windows, leave me a comment, I would be very happy to help you.

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