The Secrets to Quickly Programming

The Secrets to Quickly Programming

Often when one program, the remaining time to finish our task put pressure on us and we prevent either accomplish this task, or to write it in a simple way.
Having said that a short deadline isn't necessarily the problem. Instead of say the time to finish a program was too short we could question and wonder if we are in fact a fast enough programmer.

How so quickly program?

programmer rapidement et facilement
If you think that some people are born with powers, it is false.
In fact, there is a simple rule to follow, which can solve the problem entirely:
Whenever you stop to think, something goes wrong.
It sounds weird, but yet isn't it. When you are in front of your screen and you move not fast in your program, is it because - as you slowly type on the keyboard?
Type slowly is rarely a problem of programmer. That's rather the breaks during which we don't type at the keyboard that make it slower.
And developers during these breaks usually do? They stop to think, perhaps because of the problem in question, perhaps because of the tool, possibly due to an e-mail... But whenever that happens, it's that there is a problem.
The thought is not a problem in itself, but it is a sign that there is another problem. And they can be of different kinds:


Reason number 1 that prevents developers from thinking is that he does not quite understand a word or symbol.
This can happen in many different ways. Many people learn a language without knowing what the symbols (-), [---], {{}}, +, *, and % really mean.
Some programmers do not understand how the computer works.
If you notice so that you stop to think, do not try to solve the problem in your head, but are looking for what you have not understood. And find something that will help you understand correctly.


Sometimes programmers stop think because they cannot imagine all the concepts at a time. In these cases, it is always much easier to take a piece of paper and write or draw something to imagine. You need to look for something that you can see or perceive outside your mind.


The problem may be: "I have no idea from what to begin. The solution here is simply to start writing even a tiny piece of codeTake the part of the problem that you fully understand and write code in this regard.
Often the part the easier it is to start is the 'heart' of the application. For example, if I want to write a Youtube app, I'll start with the video player. Think about what makes the heart of the final product and start there, the less useful parts will come alone later.
If even the heart of the problem application to be coded, start with what you are sureGenerally, when a part of the problem is resolved, it becomes much easier to solve the rest.

Skip a step

Another problem is to skip a step in the sequence of development. For example, let's say that an object (a class) bike depends on its wheels and its pedals. If you try to write all the code in the bike class without having to write the code of the wheels and pedals, you have to think a lot about these objects that have not been written. In the other direction, classes wheel and pedal already exist without having a bicycle object should know how objects interact with the bicycle object which is not obvious.
The idea here would be to implement the bicycle object enough until you have need of the wheels. From there, simply write the wheel object. Then you can return to the bicycle object and continue up to needing a new object. Think of the previous section: start with what's feasible immediately and find the next part of the problem to be solved.

Physical problems

When we ate enough, they tends to become easily distracted. The same thing occurs with sleep, illness or any other physical problem. If the previous steps did not work by you, it is possible that this is a physical problem which is the cause of your troubles.


When a developer becomes distracted by something external like a noise, it becomes quite difficult to dive back into the solution of the problem. For this it is quite simple, be sure to have an environment that won't distract you before you start programming. Some people are closing the office door, others use headphones, and some use even signs 'do not disturb '.


Sometimes the developer thinks because he is not sure about him or about his decision. The solution to this is similar to that given in the section "Understanding": be sure to understand what you are doing before even to want to program it. If you still doubt, maybe this is a sign that you need to learn a lot of other things, as the fundamentals of the language in question. So go over all the parts you need to understand, taking them one by one. There are always learning involved in the fact of programming, and more you know, the less you will spend time thinking and more you will program quickly.


Many people believe that thinking is something that smart people do and suddenly stop thinking, believing good decisions. Only this is a misconception, because if it was enough to think only everyone would already be Einstein. Really smart people learn, observe, decide and Act. They acquired knowledge and use it to solve the problems facing them. If you truly want to become smart, serve you your knowledge to cause actual actions worldwide physical and not just for your self-esteem.

Other problems

Everything that is said here is part of the secret to becoming a programmer quick When you sit writing lines of code.
So, if you read emails, Facebook, etc., it's still another problem even if the solution to this are similar to those mentioned above.

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