How To Delete Someone Facebook Account

How To Delete Someone Facebook Account

This is a very successful report and we will use the reporting page for a child below the legal age
The first thing that we get into is the link to the link and more link to use in closing accounts

Link reporting in Facebook:

- The first box put the link of the account you want to report it.
- The second line we write the name of the victim the same name that is used on Facebook.
- Third branch we choose less than 9 years.
- Fourth digit Copy this text and put it in it.

After we finish the previous stages we open the victim's account and choose to report (Reporting on this personal page) and we choose this fake account then we choose to submit for Facebook for review (we do this step three times)

Then we go again to the account of the victim and choose to report---Retrieve or close the account--and then we're closing down (we do this step three times).

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