How to Flash Your Android phone

How to Flash Your Android phone

how Flash an Android phone with a pc is one of the relevant question that smartphone users arise frequently.reprogramming is not different from that as it is for the same reasons, and the same solutions that we carried out these operations. The flash of smartphones Android or Android tablet can sometimes bring solutions to some phones damage or not, that his is: Samsung , Nokia , Motorola ,iphone , Huawei ,Windows ,. techno , itel , or another mobile phone processor manufacturer. Here we go or even how to use a software to Flash a cell phone Android

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What Flash Android phone?

Fix are Android cell phone that remains a mystery because it is enough to know some important information about your mobile such as: the Model, the brand, the processor, and the Rom version in English his to call: firmware, Flash your phone can also be updated by installing the new version of your Rom so in overall do a system update android.

may - have Flash Android phone without a pc?

Software to Flash your phone , it's the key to the heart because it is thanks to this that you load the Rom using a computer in your phone; they choose according to the processor of your mobile. Without a pc that's not really possible because the available solutions are: reset and update.

Connected phone to computer to load the Rom

Driver ideal for your phone so important because for that your device is set up and supported by your computer, most often to install, it installs that drivers of the processor.

Reprogram are Android Smartphone what to know!

Advent started all I invite you to know:

How to know the phone model and the version of the Rom

Know the processor and find the pilot USB to your phone

How to find and download the perfect Rom for your phone

How to find the ideal software to load the Rom

Attention! the bad Rom can cause damage on your mobile so please read carefully the past of the selection of your Rom.

I invite you to consulted the gsm forum site to easily find your Rom and ask your concern if this forum brings together experts in the material

After having read and find what you were looking for above, you can use it to reprogram your phone I'll take the case of a Chinese itel phone so the features are:

  • The Model is itel 1506
  •  Spreadtrum's processor.
  • ROM: IT1506-W501-20151017 - W501_
  • software: Spd upgrade flash tool

After you download the ideal Rom and install my USB pilot of the processor I open the software I load the Rom and I press and I maintains the key "volume + " and I connect my phone and it does the job alone.

Using Spd upgrade flash to Android phone flashing tool

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