How to Know Saved Wifi Password on Android Without Root

How to Know Saved Wifi Password on Android Without Root

With multiple Wi-Fi access points registered on your Android device and the time that passes, it becomes quite normal to forget one or more keys to a certain or several networks security This article present a small but practical tip for cases where you will need to find a password forgotten. I give you an example to better explain: your friend needs to connect to the wireless network that you are using on your Android Smartphone, he or she asks you the security key, but you simply can't remember. What are you going to do? Read the rest of this tutorial to find out.

First method:

On your smartphone as on the majority of the devices, when you connect to your wireless access point and you get your security key, this one must necessarily be recorded in a file (sometimes in clear even) somewhere on the system. So to get it back going to everything simply locate and read the contents of this file.
Note : to succeed this manipulation your phone must be rooted (in other words: you must have administrator rights) saw that we need to explore and access files on the system, if it is not the case, do a little research or contact me so that I show you how to do.
First download and install a file Explorer, make sure that it allows to switch to root, I recommend Astro File Manager.
Then, simply use it to read the file wpa - supplicant.conf you will find in: / data/misc/wifi
Open it with a text editor that has him as the right root, the wpa_supplicant.conf file as you can see in the picture if below contains a list of the keys to security in clear all WiFi networks saved in your Android.

second method:

Using the WiFi Pass Recovery & Backup application. This application lists alphabetically all network passwords stored on your camera wireless, save the list to a file in the memory card and restoring it when you want with a single click!
Note: superuser permissions.
  • LISTING, backup & restore passwords of all systems stored in your device.
  • Displays the SSID and password on full screen (to facilitate the visualization and sharing with others)
  • Copy password to clipboard (so we can stick anywhere)
  • Displays the QR Code (to be scanned by an another disositif and access the network)
  • Send by SMS (to share the password of the network by sms).
  • Send email (to share the password of the network by e-mail)
  • Caution : this application does not unknown networks penetrate.
Well now I think that's all for this tutorial

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