Windows, Linux, Which OS to Choose for a Virtual Server (VPS)

Windows, Linux, Which OS to Choose for a Virtual Server

One of the most important decisions to make when choosing a virtual server / VPS is to know which OS is right for you, Windows, or Linux. I already hear some screaming LINUX LINUX, I too am a big fan of this operating system open source, but here it is not a personal use.
These two systems are intended to meet the different requirements of two types of use. Windows and Linux are two very different operating systems, with Linux as an operating system open source that is free to use and Windows a commercial operating system. While many basic functions are shared between the two, prices and uses of a virtual server / VPS Windows and a Linux VPS are very different.
The main advantage of using a Windows VPS instead of a Linux VPS is the support for web pages and scripts ASP and ASP.NET, as it can be very important for some people because their site may not work properly otherwise. A Windows virtual server will also be able to offer support for Microsoft SQL Server and the databases Microsoft Access, which can be beneficial to you if you are looking to host a website based on ASP ASP.NET or because most likely, your web site uses a Microsoft Access database or a Microsoft SQL Server database. Remote desktop access is another feature that the Windows VPS offer the default for Linux virtual servers you dever install a desktop environment, and access it via VNC thereafter.
For a user with more basic needs but who still need a virtual server, a Linux VPS will be more than enough. The main advantage that a Linux virtual server will be able to offer you is remarkably cheaper Web hosting fees, which for most people is a determining factor. A Linux VPS can also be able to offer greater reliability than a VPS Windows due to the fact that Linux servers can be optimized a lot more than Windows servers. Therefore, they can easily be made more reliable and have better overall performance. A Linux server will also provide you a direct SSH access to your own Web hosting environment, which is useful for some users because it allows them to interact directly with their own VPS and accomplish tasks faster.
Windows VPS and Linux VPS have much to offer, but it is important to remember that they are intended for different types of use. As with most Web hosting services, it is imperative that you compare many VPS hosting services available so that you can make an informed decision about what Web hosting package suits your needs specific. When to me I decide to test of 1and1, I'll give you a neutral account of what I think of their service in a future article.
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  1. Why would ANYONE want, Microsoft SQL etc. ANYWHERE NEAR your server? Anyone who thinks Windows is an option for server is the one biased. TL;DR WTF IS THIS

    1. What people want is what they need, if you are looking for something to meet your needs, you should look for something that is right for you, quality does not mean anything if the price is high for you, no one biased only facts


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