[Darknet] How I Discovered It, and How to Access

How I Discovered Darknet and How to Access

Hi dear friend today if you let me I'll share with you a discovery: The deep web.
When I started to get interested in the web, when I was almost 9 years, I wasn't expecting to do as many discoveries, I didn't know I was going to learn everything I learned either, the idea seemed simple: I just wanted to Learn how to use the computer that had been offered to me (it was a Pentium 4). But I suspected that the subject would prove quickly super wide. Every day I was learning new things... I saw my dream, I was and am still geek web 2.0, which I had not expected, is that, like the Moon, this web has a dark side... Few people venture there... What for? Simply because what they don't even know its existence... Yet it contains treasures. Follow me. I'll take you there...

[Explanatory video towards the end of the article]

Did you read the article Five Search Engines to Explore the Darknet / Deep Web ? Yes? OK that's good 🙂 the 'Deep Web' or 'Darknet' is a collection of non-indexed pages, which means that you won't be able to find them via search engines. A recent estimate has concluded that there are more than 600 terabytes of data in the Darknet.
Any website that ends with ".". Onion", is housed in the Tor hidden services - they are part of the deep web, which is not visible for search engines and for normal users.
In this article I'm talking about tor because it tends to be the one cited. but be aware that there are also i2p network. on the other hand, there is no web access except by bridges administered by some volunteers. without forget Freenet...
The first users of the onion network have been political opponents, but the darknet quickly turned into a place for users obsessed with privacy and anonymity online. (also the hackers, the law, the drug dealers and criminals...)
A lousy Web part is there, no one can deny that many of these sites are probably made for scams, hoaxes, or simply the traps designed to catch people who buy illegal products, but... It is ' also the good use of the darknetFor example: a political activist in a repressive country, or of a whistleblower could use a site of these mysterious sites to download and share sensitive data or communicate anonymously.
Sites hosted in the darknet pages are accessible only via the TOR browser (browser bundle pack). A page in the Darknet may take up to 10 seconds to load (maybe more), this page is 'the hidden wiki' a collection of links to other pages not indexed that make up the web deep 'darknet'.
Now, some of the stuff on the darknet can be worrisome, is not for those who have a weak heart... another note: block your webcam, it is known that hackers can see you while you sail in this network full of secret and mysterious TS.

How to access the Darknet?

IMPORTANT : for safety reasons, the use of a VPN is essential when navigating on the Darknet, that I use and that I recommend is Dacloud.me
Publication of Let's talk Geek シ.

Access to the sites of onions
First, t will need an special program called "Tor" which will allow you to view these pages, Tor, according to popular belief, it's just an anonymiser which helps you stay hidden, on the other hand, is a useful tool for access to these hidden pages.
After you download the Tor navigation pack, runs the file. Exe to extract it and double-click on "Start Tor Browser.exe" file in the extracted folder.
Tor connects and launches its browser includes.
Tor does give you access to sites of Onion when you start to use it-. It provides only one way encrypted encrypted and especially proxifiee to access the normal Web. To become familiar with sites. onion, you have to be aware that they exist first and know their locations later. An easy entry point is Core.onion, located in eqt5g4fuenphqinx.onion - remember, you'll need a Tor browser enabled to access these links.
The link Directory Tor take you to a directory of sites of onion, you can browse by category or search. There is also a link to:


anonymous discussion service.

a TOR PM links / E-mail:

a popular service of e-mail for users of Tor.
The deep web is also a market for various items legal and illegal, but they do not USD to pay for items, they are using a virtual currency called "Bitcoins.
Some deep web pages are not listed on the wiki, if you visit the site tor2web.org, on the right you will find 'Google': a link that will show you some sites more, but usually for most of the sites you'll find them that if someone you do NNE their links.

Bonus: the best search engine for the Darknet

And that's not all! This is some search engines for the darknet
Have fun - and don't forget that you should never post your personal information on the Darknet!


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