New Search Engine of the Darknet in the Colours of Google

New Search Engine of the Darknet

Go on the Darknet, Dark Web or Deep Web is quite simple. Tor (The Onion Router, for lovers of acronyms), gateway to the dark web will download as any software and is considered to be "the gateway of the DarknetHowever, to find out what that is sought is much more complicated. Buy drugs, weapons or have information about politics and the gun is not easy to access. Without the URL address of the site on which we want to go, the research will keep coming and alike without point of arrival.

A new search engine for the Darknet

NB: The use of a VPN is highly recommended, if I do not have... I recommend
Today, a new search engine, 'equivalent to Google' has just made its appearance. In a few clicks you can have access to all kinds of illegal sites. His pseudonym Gramsadmin, the creator, tells the site WIRED have developed only the site. Grams that references seven illegal markets, SilkRoad, Agora, BlachBank, Cloud Nine, Evolution, NiceGuy, The Pirate Market and Pandora is now available on the Darknet. It is the first of the dark side of the internet search engine and the Google colors. To get there, of course you cannot type the address on your usual search engine, you need to download TOR and type the following address http://grams7enufi7jmdl.onion. Once on the site, you can buy what you want with a Bitcoin, you have a false identity and stolen credit card numbers.
Nouveau moteur de recherche du Darknet aux couleurs de Google
2.5 grams of heroin, come on're you a prize, 0.7 Bitcoin either area 250 euros! Weapons, fake passports, drugs, women, children, everything is bought and sold in the meanders of the Darknet which 90% of the web is not indexed by conventional search engines.

Important information and I specify well than the content of what we say is that informativeThis article is not a process of "brainwashing". You are so totally willing once on the dark side of the internet. Purchases of any kind or potential troubles do not look at us. However take your distance and be warned that the Darknet is not a game.
Link to Grams: grams7enufi7jmdl.onion

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