How to send a message to WhatsApp for anyone without saving his number

How to send a message to WhatsApp for anyone without saving his number

WhatsApp Messenger (a fully free chat application with a clean interface supports almost all work on different operating systems such as Android, Windows iOS, Mac and other operating systems), and from time-to-night, WhatsApp is working to develop this application So now it is the first place among the most popular chat and chat applications, such as the Facebook Messenger, Viper, Twitter, Skype and other applications.

The WhatsApp application has become a support for voice calls and video calls with audio and photo port period is not long, almost no longer than this application gets a new update bringing new features and enhancements as well as fixing problems and defects that were available in the version In order for the application to continue to compete with other applications of the same class.

Although the WhatsApp application provides a very wide range of features, it misses some of the things that cause inconvenience to many users, among these the things is that the user cannot chat with anyone unless the number is registered within the contacts, meaning if the number is not registered within Your contacts will not be able to send him a message until after the number has been recorded.

During this blog and as in the title we will learn to explain how to send a message to WhatsApp for anyone without saving his number! Yes, but at first we'll need to download and install a third-party application available on the App store completely free and it is a great whatsme application right, which allows users to send anyone a message to WhatsApp even if their number is not registered within the contacts.

After you download and install the application, you enter the number that you want to send a message to WhatsApp and is not registered under your contacts, provided that you enter a code the country of the number and then you click on "Open Chat" and you will immediately be transferred to the WhatsApp application to send the message and the standard He was with this guy without keeping his number. [Download Application link]

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