Facebook Messenger for Linux, Mac, and Windows

Facebook Messenger for Linux, Mac, and Windows

Yes Yes I know you can do this by using several other customer multi cats, or still follow this tutorial I did a few months ago, but... Let's face it, the user experience is not too ' Facebook ' If you see what I mean, which is not the case with this new Facebook Messenger client for office, a third-party software not only rich in features, but also cross-platform.
Facebook Messener Linux Mac Windows
In short, Messenger for Desktop is a new customer that allows us to chat with our friends Facebook directly from our Linux, Mac or Windows desktop. A clone of Facebook Messenger mobile application which brings all its features to the office, namely:
  • Mark your message as read when they are.
  • Making audio calls - HD video.
  • Take photos and videos.
  • Record and send voice messages.
  • Chat groups.
  • Thousands of stickers.
  • Notifications.

Install Facebook Messenger for PC:

It's very easy to do, simply download the installer / binary pre-compiled directly starting from the homepage of the project site and run it.
PS: the program is open source, which means that you can also compile you, make changes or other, the program source code is available on GitHub.
When users of Linux (Ubuntu, debien, etc), which I am part, don't forget to make the executable program and run it via the command:
chmod + x Messenger
Congratulations, you can now use Facebook Messenger directly from your desktop, I hope it will be useful, when I tell you very soon in a new tutorial, bye bye!

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