How to Uninstall Linux to Dual Boot with Windows

How to Uninstall Linux to Dual Boot with Windows

You have installed a distribution Linux in dual Boot with Windows to test it and enjoy this wonderful operating system which you heard so much about but it has no more? you have not satisfied with the result, or you just want to free up space on your hard disk, and you want to remove Linux to go back to a pc with just Windows installed? you're on the good blog!
This tutorial aims to show How to uninstall Linux to dual Boot with Windows safely.
How it safely? It is ' a of the clever ones who will say just delete the partition on the what Linux is installed...Attention especially don't do this! This is going to ruin your pc Boot and you cannot access your data! you already have? don't worry we're going to see how to fix it...
Warning: This tutorial operations are irreversible... it is highly recommended to take a backup of your critical data before you apply.
The overpressure of the Linux distributions depends on the method that you used to install them, she will be automated if you have installed a distribution such as Ubuntu and its derivatives via Wibu somehow, and in a manual way if you install on its own partition.

If you install via Wubi:

If you have installed your Linux using Wibu. Uninstallation will be like child's play because it is similar to a Windows program. It will then only open the Windows Control Panel, then click on programs > uninstall a program > locate your Linux distribution in the list of installed programs, then click Uninstall. The uninstall program will take care of automatically delete the Ubuntu and repair from the menu to start your computer.

If you have it installed on its own partition:

If you have installed Linux on its own partition, you need to first restore the start menu Windows because after installing Linux, the grub bootloader takes its place, which is that if you remove it directly, your pc will no longer ofManager start, and suddenly it cannot start correctly and will show you the Nice error message below:
erreure grub no such device error
To restore the MBR of Windows we're going to use a utility called Easeus Partition Master you will download from this address:
Download the applications, install, open it and choose "Partition Manager", select your drive (one where he is ' a (MBR)) and then click on "Rebuild MBR" in the Operations menu of right.
Reparer mbr de windows
In the window that will appear, choose the version of your Windows and if you have Windows 8 click OK, choose Windows 7 is the same thing.
Rebuild mbr windows 7
Now that the Windows MBR is fixed, we can delete the Linux partitions safely, they are often the ones with a "*" instead of a letter, Windows gives them a star because it can't read the file ETX4 system, short Select one by one and delete them by clicking on "Delete".
supprimer les partitions de Linux
It's good, you're officially rid of Linux, all of his tracks have been erased, next reboot your pc will directly boot on Windows, the question that arises is: what is the operating system that is perfect for a Geek? I think not...

Repair the MBR to a Windows that won't start:

If you already do fault remove the partitions of Linux before restoring the MBR and that your Windows won't start, here's how fix it: you will need the CD installation or a version of your Windows bootable USB , Boot your computer from it and click on repair your computer.
reparer windows 8
In the screen that appears click Troubleshooting, and then click command prompt. Once you're on the CMD window, type the following command bootrec.exe /fixmbr and press ENTER to run it, this will fix your Master Boot record.
It was How to uninstall Linux to dual Boot with Windows, I hope I could help you, feel free to ask me questions or just to say thank you in the comment, very soon!

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