How to Download Free Music on iPhone - iPad (Without a Computer or Jailbreak)

How to Download Free Music on iPhone and iPad

How to get free music on iPhone or iPad without going through the computer or iTunes, in this little tutorial I'll teach you to legally download videos and audio clips on your iPhone and iPad via an app from a flat forms such as: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vk.

Our application installs on all versions (iPhone iOS 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) and on iPad

How to download YouTube music on his iphone that question you will never ask her after reading this post, also noted that there are also methods to download music without application but this will make the object of another subject soon

comment telecharger de la music gratuit sur iphone 7

This method does not impose you Jailbreaking and you are free to your musical selections

Items to also consulted :

Whether you are connect to a wifi or you have activate the mobile data that does not change because the application to download music on your iPhone to just need to internet connection

Applications to download free music to iPhone

There are numerous applications play this function but may of them are effective

For our tutorial, we will use the Dmanager browser and application manager, you can download it in the App Store on your iPhone or iPad or simply use all the following link:

avoir de la musique gratuite sur iphone

How to download music to iPhone with Dmanager

After you download the application you run in its interface you will see the icon for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other you can just click on the icon of the platform or you want to download, or to you directly enter the link since the search bar.

1-) a faith in your platform made research on the music you want

2-) select the and click play

3-) a faith launched playback press Pause

You are going or even a small menu appear like on the image below

telecharger des musique de youtube sur son iphone

4-) click on download

Your music's it is now download to your phone you have more q 'u' a share it in the Gallery, using three small point below the application

Our next tutorial will talk about how download music on iphone without app

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